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Mother And Mouse Chapter Two
Mother And Mouse Chapter Two
Brand New Family
“Danny, Danny. Wake up Danny.”
“Mmm, five more minutes.”
“No, I’ve let you sleep long enough Danny. Come on, get up.” I yawned as I started to sit up. I rubbed my eyes to get the sand out before I opened them and looked up. Amy was looking down at me with a soft smile.
“Good morning Amy,” I said tiredly.
“Good morning Danny.” Amy picked me up and set me on her palm before she got out of bed. She stretched a bit before she set me on her shoulder and walked downstairs and into the kitchen where she set me down on the kitchen table. “Alright Danny, what do you want for breakfast?”
“Pancakes please!”
“Pancakes it is then.” She started taking out different things out of the cabinet. After she took out a few things, she suddenly stopped before walking over to the couch. She searched around a bit, then picked up a remote and turned on the T.V. She
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Mother And Mouse Chapter One
Mother And Mouse: Chapter One
The Beginning
“Go son! Go!” A neera woman said as she tried to move a young neera boy through a nearby mousehole. “We’ll be right behind you! I promise.”
“But mama!”
“Just go!”
“Well well well, what do we have here?” The neera woman stopped and turned to see a giant green haired neko woman staring down at them. “Are my little snacks trying to get away?”
The neko was about to reach out for the two neeras when something hit her in the head.
“Ow, what the?”
“Hey bitch! Over here ya fucking broad!” A neera man taunted. “Let’s see if yer fat ass can catch me ya wanker!”
“Now that’s not very nice,” the neko said as she reached for the neera man. He however was a bit too nimble and slipped through her fingers.
“Catch me if ya can ya tuna lovin lunatic!” The neko chased after the neera, slightly offended by the littl
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Anime Me by Prince-Zodiac Anime Me :iconprince-zodiac:Prince-Zodiac 1 0 Human Patron by Prince-Zodiac Human Patron :iconprince-zodiac:Prince-Zodiac 1 0 Human Psychotic by Prince-Zodiac Human Psychotic :iconprince-zodiac:Prince-Zodiac 0 0 Human Epidemic by Prince-Zodiac Human Epidemic :iconprince-zodiac:Prince-Zodiac 0 0 Human Lisa by Prince-Zodiac Human Lisa :iconprince-zodiac:Prince-Zodiac 1 0 Human Gale by Prince-Zodiac Human Gale :iconprince-zodiac:Prince-Zodiac 0 0 Human Alduin by Prince-Zodiac Human Alduin :iconprince-zodiac:Prince-Zodiac 1 3
This Time, I'll Save You Too
   This Time, I’ll Save You Too
   I don’t know how many times I’ve done this now. How many times I’ve gone through this world again, and again, befriending everyone, and all of us escaping in the end. I’ve done this so many times, and yet there have been times where I’ve saved one other soul that I couldn’t save any other time before. And that, was Chara’s soul.
   It was a long time ago when I did it. When I killed everyone. I hated it. I hated it more than anything, and I threw up every time someone died. Heck, when I had to fight Sans, he actually questioned me why I always had tears in my eyes, and why I hesitated before I took every life. He asked me why I looked like I wanted to kill myself so I could redo it all. But I didn’t answer, there would have been no point. It took me a while. Not only was it hard for me to fight someone that was such a good friend, but every time I went down the pacifis
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I am #9
Our story begins on a world that is very different from ours, inside of a lab. The lab is hidden in the middle of a forest, and the only ones that know of its existence are the government, and the people who work there. What goes on in this lab? Tests, unlike the world has ever know. Many things were discovered and made in this lab. For instance, the discovery of humane magic was made here. The equipment that could assist or adapt to human magic, was first created here. Many things were found or created here. But, by far the biggest discovery they have ever made, was when they found “him.”
“He” was discovered when an ancient temple was unearthed from the depths of a dessert. When they found him, though he was centuries old, he was still alive, but in hibernation. They took him to this lab, and tried to see what he truly was. It was confirmed that he was human, but there was something different about him. In this world, magic is gauged by “Gs.” The av
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Hey everyone! cjslyvester and I decided to make a RWBY au of our own! Should be coming out on our tumblur account zodiac-sylvester soon!
Hey everyone! cjslyvester and I decided to make a RWBY au of our own! Should be coming out on our tumblur account zodiac-sylvester soon!


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